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Google has created a new Books section of the Android Market. The Books tab shows up if you’re running the Market app on a tablet with Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb, such as the Motorola XOOM. But you can also browse the book listings in the web version of the Android Market by visiting in a browser.

You don’t need an Android tablet to use the new books directory. You can select any title and click the “Get it Now” button to add it to your Google Books account. From there you can read the title on any computer with a web browser, or access the books from a mobile device running the Google Books app for Android or iOS. The Barnes & Noble NOOK and Sony Reader eBook readers also support Google Books.

The Market is divided into new arrivals, top selling eBooks, and top free books. You can also browser by category (biography, children’s, fiction, history, humor, etc) or view a list of New York Times Bestsellers.

Pricing is all over the board, says ZD Net, but still competitive with offerings from Amazon’s e-books, Barnes & Noble and Apple’s iBookstore. The average price for a current New York Times bestseller ranges between $9.99 and $12.99.

One of the highlighted books, Tick Tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge, was available via the Market for $12.99; says PC Magazine. It wasn’t available on Amazon’s Kindle, although Amazon is selling a hardcover version for $14.57, plus shipping costs.

Google’s One Pass, its online charging service for newspapers and magazines, offers two big differences from Apple’s: content providers can keep up to 90 percent of revenue from One Pass sales and publishers will retain control of consumer data.

Amazon’s scale means its store likely will be much more of a force for developers to reckon with than smaller app store alternatives to Google’s official Android Market, such as AppBrain, MobiHand, SlideME, AndSpot, and GetJar, notes C/Net. Google will face some competition when Amazon rolls out its own Android app store.

Barnes & Noble’s new NOOK for Android site lets you shop over two million books.

Brick-and-mortar bookstores may look like they’re in trouble, says O’Reilly. The Borders bankruptcy a case in point. But Kassia Krozser, owner of, says that amidst all this upheaval, we’re actually in a golden age of publishing. People are discovering and reading content all the time, and the very definition of “publisher” is expanding.

SlashGear says Google could be eyeing music and movies as the next frontiers. Typing the URLs and doesn’t result in a “Page not found” error as it normally would but instead directs the user back to the Android Market home page, indicating that those domain names may soon come into play.

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