iPad Video Editor: Faster Than Laptop?

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App Advice says the iPad 2 actually beats out MacBook Pros in iMovie speed tests. Not bad for an application that costs $4.99.

They visited an Apple Store to run three speed tests on all of the stock machines, the Macbook Air, the Macbook Pro 13″ and the Macbook Pro 15″.

We used the camera connection kit to do this with the iPads and the camera import function within iMovie on the Macs. The results startled us. The iPad 2 killed every other Mac, including the new Flash-based MacBook Airs. The closest runner up was the Mac Pro, which clocked in at over double the iPad 2’s data transfer speed. We are not quite sure why the iPad is more efficient. The MacBook Airs, which are based around the same storage technology, were sluggish in comparison. It is our assumption that iOS is a more efficient operating system than the Mac, so it allows lower power devices to perform better.

The final test we ran simulated more of a real world use case. We took that two minute video and added a title overlay, music in the background, and added an image to open and close the project. These enhancements are what we expect many will want to do when they are in the field. We found some very interesting results.

The iPad 2 did not beat out the higher end machines in this test. But, it did compete very well and was not far behind.

In our first two tests, the iPad 2 was faster than other iOS devices, but did not blow them out of the water. In this third test, we finally get to see where the iPad 2 really shows off its enhanced speed and performance. The iPad 2 still beat out the majority of the Macs in the Apple Store, including the 13” and 15” MacBook Pros.

Another potential arena for the iPad2 is Augmented Reality. Germany’s Metaio plans to bring its Junaio AR browser app to the iPad 2 soon.

The video shows its initial experiments in Augmented Reality on the iPad 2. “We were really surprised to see how powerful the 3D hardware is,” explains the company’s CTO Peter Meier. “It allows us to create really sophisticated virtual content and interaction concepts.”

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 at 1:32 pm .

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