Apple Joins Amazon & Google with Cloud Music

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Apple is kicking off its Worldwide Developers Conference next week with the unveiling of its cloud-based service, iCloud, says C/Net.

Apple said in a press release that it will detail its next-generation desktop operating system, Mac OS X Lion, as well as iOS 5, the next version of the mobile operating system running on its iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. CEO Steve Jobs, who is on an indefinite medical leave, is scheduled to participate in WWDC.

Apple stopped short of providing specifics about Cloud in this morning’s announcement. However, details have been leaking out, since Apple acquired online music-streaming service Lala a year and a half ago. Apple’s rumored cloud music service will have the ability to scan a user’s iTunes library and “mirror” it in the cloud, says a report from Businessweek.

This is in contrast to the cloud music lockers recently unveiled from Amazon and Google that physically copy a user’s library and puts it in the cloud.

In contrast, Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox and mSpot rely on capacity limits. Google may launch a tiered pricing model for even more songs, but it’s unclear if the company’s mulling a free option.

The disadvantage to those uploading approaches is that it typically takes hours to copy many gigabytes of music. It also doesn’t provide the opportunity to “upgrade” the songs to higher-quality versions, as Apple’s service will supposedly do.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 at 6:32 am .

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