Wireless Health Initiatives

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Sprint is partnering with health care companies, sharing its network and expertise in Machine to Machine communications. Sprint’s M2M Collaboration Center brings together Sprint partners, equipment providers, customers and employees to rapidly prototype, test and launch concepts and new ideas.

Sprint says their open approach has attracted health care companies who believe that chronically ill patients recover faster and are more comfortable at home than in a hospital. An Embedded M2M Solutions Community can also be found at http://embedded-m2m-solutions.tmcnet.com

Two such companies include American TeleCare and Reflection Solutions. ATI uses a remote stethoscope at 9.6 Kbps in clinic-to-patient home settings while Reflection Solutions provides a wristwatch that wirelessly connect patients and their caregivers.

Sprint’s health care partners using 3G/4G solution include:

  • AirStrip Technologies has remote patient monitoring applications that deliver real-time vital waveform and other critical patient data directly from hospital monitoring systems to mobile devices to let providers continually monitor vital signs from wherever they are.
  • BodyMedia provides a holistic weight-management system consisting of an armband monitor, online activity manager, optional display and free smartphone apps. It automatically tracks the calories burned during daily activities and even monitors the quality of sleep. In April, the companies launched the Sprint BodyMedia ID pack, a customized bundle of widgets, applications, wallpapers, ringtones and wellness content for selected Sprint smartphones.
  • Calgary Scientific has developed an application called ResolutionMD™ Mobile powered by PureWeb which provides advanced visualization of critical medical images (MRIs, CAT scans) directly on Sprint devices, such as the HTC EVO™ 4G and Samsung Epic 4G. Attending or acute care physicians can have real-time access to specialists such as neurologists, regardless of where the physicians and patients are located.
  • IDEAL LIFE manufactures in-home health monitoring equipment for individuals with chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, asthma and obesity. The system can work wirelessly using the Nationwide Sprint Network to transmit medical data to health care providers to support diagnosis and general monitoring. IDEAL LIFE products are FDA approved for over-the-counter sales and HIPAA compliant for patient confidentiality.
  • Omnilink tracks individuals who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia. With Omnilink, Sprint ensures family and friends are well-cared for even while away from a doctor’s office or care facility.

Intel’s Eric Dishman spoke at the City Club of Portland recently about “Technological Innovation and the Future of Aging” (video).

Intel’s Health Initiative utilizes technology to assist an aging population. Dishman was promoting a state-wide initiative to develop a hub of independent living technologies, much as the state has funded green energy and biotech.

His 2020 vision was to move 50% of aging health care in Oregon out of institutions and into homes and the community in 10 years. Care Innovations, for example, is a joint venture between Intel and GE to produce disease management, independent living, and assistive technologies for the home.

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