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Car2go, a car-sharing system, is now in use in several cities around the world. Users locate the closest available car via the internet or smartphone, then unlock it with a chip card, enter a PIN on its keypad, then drive the car anywhere they want.

When you’re done with the car, you just leave it at the closest designated car2go parking spot. It’s a neat idea, so if it works for cars, why not bicycles asks Gizmo.

Indeed. The fledgling Social Bicycles (sobi) is a similar program for bikes. It requires no home base. Instead, members use an app to locate and reserve a bike. Then they have 15 minutes to walk to its location, where it’s locked to an ordinary bike rack. On the bike’s built-in keypad, you enter your PIN number, and the lock opens.

An onboard GPS keeps track of the bikes location the whole time. If you wanted to stop along the way, you can lock the bike and place it on hold for 15 minutes. Otherwise, upon reaching your destination, you simply lock it and make it available for the next rider.

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