Google + Mobile Review

Information Week reviews the Google + Android application on two different phones–a stock LG Optimus T running Android 2.2 and a rooted Motorola Cliq XT running CyanogenMod version 7.0.3x (Android 2.3.3).

The main menu for the Google + app for Android is clean and simple. On launch, the app presents your choice of Stream, Huddle, Photos, Circles or User Profile — each selectable via a large icon.

  • Stream view is a miniaturized version of the full website. Here you find tools at top for adding a post, taking a picture or choosing a nearby location.
  • Photos lets you share pictures you take. You decide when uploads take place.
  • Circles lets you manage your social network. The mobile app can’t edit a user profile or use Hangout, the Google + real-time webcam chat system.
  • Huddle, the instant real-time chat system in Google +, is available in the mobile app. Hangout, the video-conferencing system, isn’t.
  • Profiles lets you set your profile.

Like the beta service on the web, the Google+ mobile app is in its infancy. Reviewer Serdar Yegulalp found it to be already pretty solid and useful.

The apps is expected for the BlackBerry, Windows, Nokia/Symbian and iPhone, but it’s not available yet. However, there’s an easy workaround. You can use the mobile version on the Google’s website.

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