Unlimited data on Sprint’s iPhone5?

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Sprint Nextel will offer Apple’s iPhone next month with unlimited data service plans, reports Bloomberg. Sprint already offers unlimited data plans for smartphones such as RIM’s BlackBerry and HTC’s WiMAX-enabled Evo. Sprint’s unlimited voice and data service costs $99.99 a month.

AT&T and Verizon charge for data service on top of voice- service plans. AT&T offers unlimited voice service for $69.99 a month, with 200 megabytes of data for $15 a month, 2 gigabytes of data for $25 a month, or 4 gigabytes of data for $45 a month.

AT&T is charging $50/month for 5 GB on its LTE service, similar to what Verizon Wireless charges for its LTE service. Overage fees are $10 per GB.

Verizon’s data plans for the iPhone start at $30 a month for 2 gigabytes and go to $80/mo for 10 gigabytes, in addition to unlimited voice service for $69.99 a month.

Sprint’s $79.99 per month Everything plan includes unlimited data, texting and mobile-to-mobile calling as well as 450 anytime voice minutes (but not wireless hotspot service). Sprint’s EVO WiMAX phones offer Hotspot service for $30 per month extra, on top of the EVO’s $30, 4G data plan. In contrast, Sprint’s Overdrive and MiFi users pay $40 to $60 per month for unlimited 4G (WiMAX) service.

“Unlimited” data on 3G’s EV-DO service would be nothing special. T-Mobile’s “unlimited” service simply ratchets down their “4G” (HSPA) speeds to dial-up speed when over the monthly cap. It does seem to imply that the iPhone5 will have WiMAX (or LTE) modem chips.

Paying $60/month for truly unlimited 4G service would beat the $80/month LTE service from Verizon for 10 GB/month — especially when you factor in the $10/GB overage fees.

It’s possible to use more than 50GB/month on Sprint’ WiMax service — I’ve done it myself on my flat $40/month unlimited WiMAX plan from Sprint. If I were on Verizon’s LTE plan, my 50GB/month usage would have cost me $80 (for basic 10GB service), plus 40 GB in overage fees ($10 x 40 = $400). Verizon’s “unlimited” service would have cost me $480.

Apple will issue press invitations to the iPhone 5 launch Sept. 14 and it will take place in the San Francisco Bay Area on Sept. 21, according to CultofMac. The smartphone will be released in early October with pre-orders starting Sept. 28. IB Times has a rumor roundup.

Verizon’s Monthly Teathering Fee is $20 (when added to a $29.99 or higher data option) with a monthly allowance of 2 GB with a $20 Per GB charge after the allowance. AT&T charges users an extra $20 per month to tether with each additional 1 GB costing between $10-$15. Sprint has killed free tethering on the Nexus S 4G. Their $30 tethering fee provides unlimited access.

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