HomePlug Promotes Interoperability

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The HomePlug Powerline Alliance, the world’s leading industry group for powerline communications, will promote interoperability of products built on the IEEE 1901.2 Low-Frequency Narrow-Band PLC standard.

Netricity Powerline Communications (PLC) will operate in low frequency bands that make it ideal for grid-to-utility meter and other long range, outside-the-home applications.

It uses transmission frequencies less than 500 kHz with data rates scalable to 500 kbps depending on the application requirements. This standard addresses grid to utility meter, electric vehicle to charging station, and within home area networking communications scenarios. Lighting and solar panel power line communications are also potential uses of this communications standard.

The standard assures coexistence with broadband power line (BPL) devices by minimizing out-of-band emissions in frequencies greater than 500 kHz. Netricity says it will complement and coexist with HomePlug’s family of high speed networking specifications, including HomePlug AV, HomePlug Green PHY, and the forthcoming HomePlug AV2.

Products based on the HomePlug 1.0 and HomePlug AV specifications can bridge an existing networking technology (such as a WiFi or Ethernet network) and your home’s power lines.

The HomePlug Certified Logo program is the powerline networking industry’s largest certification program with more than 250 different certified devices. Sponsor members include Broadcom, Cisco, Duke Energy, GE Energy, Qualcomm Atheros, Renesas Electronics, SPiDCOM Technologies and STMicroelectronics.

The HomePlug Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance, HomeGrid Forum and ZigBee Alliance are developing an interoperable smart grid. G.hn is the common name for a home network technology family of standards developed under the ITU’s Standardization arm and promoted by the HomeGrid Forum.

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