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Here are some Android and iPhone apps to get you into the Halloween spirit. Compiled from Mashable, Top Free Halloween iPad Apps, ZD Net, Handango App Store, Apple App Store, Amazon Mobile Apps, and Android Marketplace.

  • Trick or Tracker allows you to sync your phone with your kids’ and receive text updates on their location; kids can locate the parents too. The app will also notify parents if the kids venture outside a pre-set boundary (Android, $4.99)
  • Google Latitude Lets you link locations. The transmission can be one way (you can see your kids but they can’t see you), or both ways (everyone can see everyone). For Android, Apple, BlackBerry and other devices, free)
  • SecuraFone (iPhone and Android, $8.99 per month) lets you create a virtual fence and notifies you when it’s breached.
  • Guards Up, a perimeter tracking capability to let you know if your little monster has stayed within the agreed upon trick-or-treating zone or has strayed out of it
  • Halloween Sound Box Play 84 awesome HIGH quality spooky sound effects; witches cackle or classic scary movie sounds (Free)
  • Carve-a-Pumpkin the easiest — and safest (no knives involved!) — way to make jack-o-lanterns (Free)
  • Haunted Halloween Wallpapers Decorate your iPhone with high qualityg Halloween wallpapers
  • Haunted Face – transform your face into a 3D animated ghost. You can even record and share your ghoulish videos to spook your friends ($0.99)
  • DJ Halloween Sound effects will loop continuously. Choose more than one button to create your own halloween mix ($0.99)
  • Haunted Houses, Ghost Tours find a spooky location near any area ($2.99)
  • Halloween Costume Catalog Just shake for a costume. There are over 100 options for both men and women–some spooky, others silly (Free)
  • Angry Birds Seasons all tricks and no treats for the pigs ($0.99)
  • Ghost Radar ($0.99): Detect paranormal activity for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPads.
  • Halloween Gourmet 30 delicious recipes for Halloween ($1.99 for iPad)
  • HauntedFace for iPhone and iPod touch transforms 2D portrait images into frighteningly realistic 3D ghosts.
  • ZombieBooth features over 50 ghastly variations of the undead, each with the ability to blink, scowl, breathe and growl erratically or as the user interacts with them.
  • Facinate Halloween – lets you add goofy costume props to your photos.

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