Asus Prime Tablet: December

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Asustek Computer, which had originally been set to launch its latest Transformer Prime tablet with Android 3.2 on November 9, has postponed the launch schedule to early December as Google reportedly agreed to provide assistance to help the machine to natively feature Android 4.0, according to Digitimes.

The Transformer Tablet, with a keyboard dock, and the first Android tablet with a quad-core Nvidia processor, has been widely anticipated.

But Google has cold-shouldered Taiwan-based PC brand vendors over the assistance on upgrading from Android 3.0 to 4.0, says Digitimes. That has prompted some vendors to turn their focus from Android to Microsoft’s Windows 8, which also runs on quad-core ARM chips like Nvidia’s. Now, with help Google on Android 4.0, those manufacturers may get the jump on Microsoft, while forcing Microsoft to lower its Windows 8 licensing fee.

Engadget says the Prime tablet will go on sale worldwide in December, starting at $499 with a beefy 32GB of storage.

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