LightPointe: 80 GHz Backhaul

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LightPointe, a manufacturer of wireless point-to-point Gigabit Ethernet bridges, today announced the availability of 70/80 GHz 4G/LTE backhaul solutions. The first products in the new AireBeam Series are the G80-LX long range and G80-MX medium range bridges that are said to deliver speeds up to 1250 Mbps between buildings or cellular towers at distances up to 7 miles.

Wireless bridges can be installed quickly and cost effectively without the trenching required for alternative fiber optic cables.

The AireBeam Series features high gain antennas, low power at under 20 Watts, lightweight all-outdoor enclosures and low latency. It is said to be optimized for high bandwidth carrier networks such as those deploying LTE.

“We forecast at least 60 commercial LTE deployments for 2011 and over 164 next year, which should bode well for millimeter wave and Picocell manufacturers such as LightPointe,” said Adlane Fellah, CEO and Founder of Maravedis Research.

LightPointe’s first products were Free Space Optics solutions.

UK carrier O2 is using Cambridge Broadband Networks’s point-to-multipoint kit on their London LTE trial, along with traditional point-to-point wireless backhaul gear from NEC and Nokia Siemens Networks.

In other backhaul news, DragonWave announced a complex deal with Nokia Siemens Networks in which the Finnish cellular giant will outsource a portion of its business to Ottawa-based DragonWave.

DragonWave will supply microwave to Nokia Siemens clients. DragonWave will become responsible for all research and development as well as products supplied to Nokia Siemens, while Nokia Siemens will continue to be responsible for sales and support.

Other Gbps wireless gear is available from Alvarion, Bridgewave, Ceragon, DragonWave, E-Band Communications, Gigabeam, and Proxim’s GigaLink, among others.

Infonetics says the relatively small but fast-growing E-band (75–90 GHz) millimeter equipment market jumped 121% in 2010 to $69 million worldwide.

The Dell’Oro Group 5-Year Forecast Report offers an overview of the Microwave Transmission industry with tables covering manufacturers’ revenue, average selling prices, radio transceiver shipments, and port shipments for TDM Microwave, Packet Microwave and Hybrid Microwave systems by capacity.

Maravedis predicts the BWA/WiMAX subscriber base will reach approximately 28.6 million at the end of 2012. This year, operators are spending $3 billion to install LTE base stations and related equipment, according to ABI Research. By 2016, they forecast annual LTE spending will be $16.5 billion.

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