LTE: 6% By 2016

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Juniper Research forecasts a rapid uptake of LTE mobile broadband technology in the next five years but a limited global reach. Subscriber levels will attain 428m by 2016 but will only reach 6% of the global subscriber population.

In the early years LTE will be dominated by the uptake of enterprise subscribers, but during 2013 consumer subscribers will begin to sign up in volume and begin to overtake enterprise subscribers by 2015. The report found that LTE smartphones and tablets will dominate the LTE connected end user device market, accounting for 50% of the total LTE subscribers by 2016.

ABI predicts 80 million LTE connections by 2013 while Instat predicts by 2015, global LTE subscriptions will grow to 290 million while the ratio of North American FDD-LTE to TDD-LTE subscribers will be almost 14 to 1.

According to Maravedis, TD-LTE subscriber uptake will start in 2013, based on commercial service from China Mobile and other Asian operators. Maravedis predicts that TD-LTE growth will be driven by Asia-Pacific countries including China, India, Japan, Korea and Malaysia. Additional subscriber growth should occur as leading 4G operators transition their existing WiMAX networks to TD-LTE.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 at 9:49 am .

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