One Million Apps — And Growing Fast

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Last Wednesday, a developer pushed a button and the one millionth mobile app went to market, reports the NY Times. “Every week about 100 movies get released worldwide, along with about 250 books,” said Anindya Datta, the founder and chairman of Mobilewalla, which helps users navigate the mobile app market. “That compares to the release of around 15,000 apps per week.”

Apple reported in October that its mobile application store averaged 1 billion monthly downloads of its more than 500,000 available apps. All told, over 18 billion apps have been downloaded from that store.

The Android Market hit 10 billion downloads last week. The wild success of the app stores for mobile devices has spread to desktop applications. Apple announced today that the Mac App Store has topped 100 million downloads.

By any measure, the rise in mobile apps is striking.

In October 2008 the known app universe was 8,000 Apple titles. Mobilewalla began analyzing Android and Windows apps in 2009, and added BlackBerry a year later. The 100,000-app milestone was passed in December 2009. In little more than a year, the total passed 500,000 and exceeded 750,000 six months after that. Five months later: one million.

For the surge in apps and the ability of almost anyone to bring an app to market is a chicken-and-egg story, said Anindya Datta, the founder and chairman of Mobilewalla. Developers who have created fewer than 10 apps make up 80 percent of the producers, he said. “Anyone with a good idea can outsource the code, and they own a new app.” In January, Mobilewalla will begin tracking ranking, downloads and revenue for individual apps.

Mobile app companies may charge $30K or more to develop a mobile app. But creating simple mobile apps is now possible for everyone. Creating mobile apps can be fast and cheap. Even free. No coding required.

Conduit has free mobile app building tools for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web apps using HTML5. You can take any website, plug it into the Conduit engine and it will create the app for you. It can create social layers for sharing, bring in audio for albums within an app, update content seamlessly, geo-target push notifications and generate QR codes.

Others app creation tools or web-to-mobile tools include AppCat, AppMaker, FiddleFly, iBuildApp and Duda Mobile.

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