Global Smartphone Penetration: 10%

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Global smartphone penetration is nearing 10%, says Tomi Ahonen who has compiled smartphone penetration rates on 42 major countries.

His compilation is based on data from Netsize Guide, Informa, Google and Ipsos.

According to Ahonen, “While 2009 was the year when Hong Kong new sales of smartphones passed featurephones, 2010 that happened in Western Europe and in Q1 of 2011, that milestone passed in the USA. We now have three countries where smartphone total installed base is also above 50% of the total population – Singapore, Hong Kong and Sweden.”

Smartphone sales are expected to surpass PC sales in 2011.

With the explosive growth of tablets, the future is going mobile fast, with apps, commerce and connectivity key enablers.

Amazon will ship 3.9 million Kindle Fire tablets during the last three months of 2011, and sell between 15.5 million and 20.5 million Kindle Fires during the first full year of availability, predicts Goldman. This will give Amazon a 14% market share of global media tablet shipments, second only to Appleā€™s commanding 66% market share.

Global media tablet market shipments this year are expected to total 64.7 million units, a 273% growth from 17 million in 2010. Sales will reach nearly 330 million units by 2017, up from 60 million units in 2011 according to a recent report by DisplaySearch.

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