Franken Gets Carrier IQ Responses

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In response to a request for more information from Senator Al Franken, AT&T, Sprint, Samsung, HTC, and Carrier IQ have responded with letters detailing their use of Carrier IQ’s software on their handsets.

You can read the responses from Carrier IQ, AT&T, Sprint, Samsung, and HTC.

Verge estimates that Carrier IQ’s software is installed on over 30 million US devices and has a summary.

Sprint is by far the biggest user of the software, admitting to installations on 26 million devices. Additionally, HTC blames Carrier IQ for the insecure log files found on its devices. AT&T’s network and dropped calls reporting app, Mark the Spot, utilizes Carrier IQ (though not on the iPhone).

The FBI has denied requesting Carrier IQ information, but could not categorically say that any information it has received from carriers over the years did not originate from Carrier IQ.

CarrierIQ met with FTC and FCC officials this week probing allegations that Carrier IQ software found on about 150 million cellphones tracked user activity.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Friday, December 16th, 2011 at 5:42 am .

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