Samsung Unites Bada & Tizen Mobile OS

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Samsung says it is in the process of integrating its existing feature phone OS, Bada, with Tizen, the software project Samsung and Intel are developing. It is partly based on MeeGo, the OS that Intel and Nokia were pursuing before Nokia teamed up with Microsoft Windows Mobile.

The alpha release of the Tizen source code, targeted at smartphones and tablet devices, runs on a PC emulator. Samsung developers may find their apps have an expanded user base with the new integration. Both Bada and Tizen are based on Linux.

According to an interview in Forbes, when the integration work is complete, developers’ bada applications will be supported in Tizen, and apps written for Tizen will still be able to work on bada devices.

Tae-Jin Kang, SVP of Samsung’s contents planning team, tells Forbes that Tizen will not become its main operating platform “anytime soon.”

It could, however, replace bada. It would also give the company greater control, something that it does not have with Android, which is open-source but effectively developed and run by Google.

Gartner says that in Q3 2011, bada accounted for 2.2 percent (2.5 million units) of all smartphone sales, roughly double that of Windows Phone. According to Canalys, Samsung shipped 4.5 million phones in Q2 of 2011. Two Tizen devices are expected to be released this year.

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