Smartphones: 1 Billion by 2015

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IHS predicts that Windows Phones will overtake iPhone in 2015, with Windows Phone reaching 16.7 percent of market share in 2015, behind first-ranked Android at 58.1 percent and just slightly ahead of iOS at 16.6 percent. The analyst said the introduction of the Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) at CES showed Microsoft’s and Nokia’s promise in smartphones.

Windows Phone made up only 1.9 percent of the market for all of 2011, according to IHS, with Apple’s iOS at 18 percent and Android smartphones by all makers at 47.4 percent.

Meanwhile, Ovum’s second annual developer survey, released today, states that Android could replace iOS in terms of importance to developers within the next 12 months, and that momentum is growing behind BlackBerry OS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

Mobile Future estimated that by 2014, voice traffic will comprise only 2% of the total wireless traffic in the United States while the CTIA reported in October 2011 that the number of wireless devices in the U.S. (322 million) had, for the first time, exceeded the number of people (315.5 million).

Global 3G subs have passed one billion, says the UMTS Forum. LTE will command a total of 744.2 million users, worldwide by 2015 predicts IHS iSuppli. That would be equivalent to 10 percent of the approximately 7.3 billion total mobile handset subscribers expected then.

Global smartphone shipments will reach 1.03 billion units in 2015, resulting in a global smartphone share of 54.4 percent, reports iSuppli Mobile Handset Market Tracker. Smartphones accounted for only 15.8 percent of the total cellphone market in 2009.

Some 478 million smartphones were expected to ship world-wide in 2011, making the world-wide share about 32.5 percent. Key drivers of success will be strong support from the developer community, and how well OEMs can make their hardware and software work together.

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