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Om Malik says that, indeed, GigaOm is buying the assets of ContentNext Media from Guardian News & Media Limited. They are not disclosing the terms of the deal.

They are buying the entire group of properties —,, contentSutra and paidContent:UK. A representative of Guardian News & Media will join their board of directors as an observer.

Guardian acquired ContentNext for a reported $30 million in July 2008 – or was is really $4 to $6.5 million? Paid Content was founded by Rafat Ali and has chronicled the digital media business for decision-makers since 2002.

GigaOM said it attracts 4.5 million monthly unique users, while PaidContent and the other ContentNext sites registered a little more than 700,000 uniques in January.

The combined group of GigaOM and ContentNext will represent “more than 20 writers and editors,” according to paidContent. However, that’s not much more than the 18 editorial staffers listed on GigaOM’s editorial-team page, observes MediaBeat.

In other words, GigaOm will essentially kill Paid Content.

A tablet strategy may be emerging. Tech news giant Engadget has a magazine app called Distro. With the ePub3 standard, a write once, publish anywhere, “paid content” model could be the future.

GigaOm Pro took a combination of research, analysis, discussion and opinion that was previously largely free and now charges subscribers $299/year for it.

I’m skeptical that there will be any benefit for consumers on this deal. Paid Content uniquely covered the dramatic changes in publishing and media. I could see paying $2.99 a month for it – but $299/yr? No thanks.

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Posted by Sam Churchill on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 at 12:53 pm .

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