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Splashtop will demonstrate their new Splashtop Whiteboard for Android at the Computer Using Educators’ Conference, CUE 2012, March 15-17, in Palm Springs, CA.

Splashtop Whiteboard allows teachers and students to easily turn their tablet into an interactive whiteboard. It is built on top of Splashtop Remote Desktop, the company’s award-winning app that enables users to create their own personal cloud to access files, applications, as well as view and listen to content, directly from a PC or Mac without the need to sync or copy files or applications across devices.

Last Sunday, 60 Minutes had a profile on the Khan Academy and its free online educational videos. With the backing of the Gates Foundation and Google, they are moving into the classroom and across the world. Their goal: to revolutionize how we teach and learn.

The mission of the Khan Academy is to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace. The Khan Academy has a library of over 3,000 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 315 practice exercises — and they’re all free.

Khan Academy‚Äôs YouTube video class database, launched on the iPad this Sunday. It’s free. Included in their iPad app:

  • Downloadable videos: take individual videos or entire playlists to watch offline at your own pace
  • Subtitles: follow along, skip ahead, or go back by navigating through subtitles
  • Track your progress: Log in with your Khan Academy user account to get credit for watching videos, and see your achievements
  • Exercises coming soon!

Khan Academy’s free access, their breadth of the topics, and the conversational tone of the lessons, provide an accessible alternative to the traditional classroom on subjects students traditionally struggle with, such as science and mathematics.

Every time you work on a problem or watch a video, the Khan Academy remembers what you’ve learned and where you’re spending your time. They keep all of this data private but expose powerful statistics to each user and their coaches.

YouTube for Schools is Google’s effort to make YouTube a truly valuable educational resource. School administrators can turn on to grant access only to the educational content from YouTube EDU.

TED-Ed is a new lesson-based YouTube channel. It’s aimed primarily at high-schoolers, and invites teachers to submit their “best lesson” running ten minutes or less. If chosen, TED has a team of animators to bring it to life. The TEDEducation YouTube channel is up and running right now, but the new original content won’t be available until a dedicated site is launched next month.

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