New iPad Vs Tegra3 Prime

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Apple claims that the new iPad’s new A5X chip has four times the performance of Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 CPU.

Laptop Magazine compare its performance to that of an ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, the first tablet with a Tegra 3 inside. Unfortunately, since the two tablets use two different browsers, it’s impossible to isolate the processor’s role.

Comparing tablet-to-tablet rather than chip-to-chip, the iPad’s screen makes the gaming experience a visual feast. Laptop Magazine found that the A5X offers better benchmark performance, while Tegra 3-optimized games offer more and better visual effects. Games have not yet been optimized for the A5X chip, so they will likely improve with time.

AnandTech also has analysis of the new Apple iPad. Anand Lal Shimpi says, “For most real world gaming workloads I do believe that the A5 is faster than Tegra 3, but the advantage is unlikely to be 2x at non-retina display resolutions. The same applies to the A5X vs. Tegra 3 comparison. I fully expect there to be a significant performance gap at the same resolution, but I doubt it is 4x in a game.”

The new 4G LTE-capable iPad went on sale last Friday, March 16, and in that 24-hour span, it broke a record for AT&T iPad sales. As of last quarter, Apple sold 55 million total iPads to date. Apple on Monday said it sold 3 million new iPads since the tablet hit stores on March 16.

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