USA: 332 Million Mobiles

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There were 21 million new mobile subscriptions in the U.S. during 2011, bringing the total number of mobile connections to 331.6 million, a 7% rise and reflecting a 104% penetration rate for the nation, according new figures released by CTIA.

Some highlights of the report on 2011:

  • Wireless network data traffic: 866.7 billion megabytes; Dec. 2010: 388 billion megabytes (123 percent increase)
  • Active smartphones and wireless-enabled PDAs: 111.5 million; Dec. 2010: 78.2 million (43 percent increase)
  • Number of active data-capable devices: 295.1 million; Dec. 2010: 270.5 million (9 percent increase)
  • Wireless-enabled tablets, laptops and modems: 20.2 million; Dec. 2010: 13.6 million (49 percent increase)
  • Minutes of Use (MOU): 2.296 trillion; Dec. 2010: 2.241 trillion (2 percent increase)
  • SMS sent and received: 2.304 trillion; Dec. 2010: 2.052 trillion (12 percent increase)
  • MMS sent and received: 52.8 billion; Dec. 2010: 56.6 billion
  • Average local monthly wireless bill (includes voice and data service): $47.00; Dec. 2010: $47.21

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced recently that China has broken through the 1 billion mobile subscriptions barrier, with the operators having added more than 20 million lines between them during each of the first two months of the year. Of the more than one billion accounts, a total of 144 million used 3G technology — nearly double the figure for April 2011.

It does NOT mean there are 1 billion mobile users in China, explains Light Reading. It represents either the number of SIM cards sold, or lines activated, many of which were pre-paid and will now be unused.

Global Broadband Subscribers (including cable and DSL subscribers), are set to Rise by Nearly 60 Percent by 2015, says iSuppli, with about 350 million new consumers projected to come online from 2011 to 2015.

Clearly wired broadband is being out paced by wireless broadband (both HSPA and LTE) which may cumulatively total close to 4 billion users worldwide by 2016.

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