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Microsoft has released an update for their Translator app that has the ability to live-translate anything on the fly. You can also point your phone at a sign, and the translation will appear.
<a href=';mkt=en-us&#038;from=sp^en-us&#038;src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='New Translator App for Windows Phone Powered by Bing Available for Free Download' >Video: New Translator App for Windows Phone Powered by Bing Available for Free Download</a>
The app contains voice translation, for conversations, as well as the ability to enter a phrase and translate it. With the voice translation you can communicate in English (both US and UK), German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Once in the mode and connected online, you simply tap the icon, speak and tap to translate. Voila!

The app also has the ability to go ‘offline,’ storing languages for use in countries where you might not have a data plan. It’s free in the Marketplace.

BloggerNet lists 5 other language translation apps that you can download for free on the iPhone.

  • Google Translate: Google translate is the best and a very popular app for iPhone because it can translate different language accurately. Google translate is the best when it comes to translating languages. Download Link.
  • Word Lens: This app is free to download from iTunes store but you will have to pay 10$ charge for each language. What does this means is if you want to translate from Spanish to English then you will have to pay more 10$. Download Link
  • Lonely Planet: Translates languages and lets you choose words and phrases from the directory and the application will translate your words via text. Download Link
  • myLanguage: myLanguage supports 59 languages and the speech quality is excellent. You can take a trial version for free but after that you will have to upgrade your trial version. Download Link
  • Dog Translator: Translate dog barking into English. You can try the free version and if you think it’s worth spending money on it then you can buy the pro version. Download Link
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