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PC World looks at The Future of the $200 Tablet. The 7″ size is expected to take off with $200-$250 price points, Android 4.0, and more powerful processors and application software.

Computerworld’s tablet database has info about the latest tablets, including screen size, OS, price, ship date, processor, connectivity options and more in a sortable table.

Asus and Nvidia described a $250 tablet with Android 4.0, a 1280-x-800-resolution IPS display; 1GB of RAM; micro-USB, micro-HDMI and microSD ports; and two cameras, including an 8-megapixel rear-facing lens. Google is rumored to be working with Asus on a 7-in. tablet priced around the $150 to $200 range. The Google I/O conference this June might be a good time to announce such a product.

Amazon’s $200 Kindle Fire tablet has sold exceedingly well. Amazon sold 6 million of the $199 Kindle Fire in the fourth quarter, a Stifel Nicolaus analyst said. comScore says the Amazon Kindle Fire is 54.4% of US Android tablets.

Meanwhile, Apple sold 15.4 million iPad tablets in the last quarter of 2011, more than double the number it sold for the same period in 2010.

Gartner forecasts Android tablet sales increasing eight-fold over the next five years, but iSuppli says Apple will maintain a dominant market share. They predict total global media tablet shipments will reach 124 million units in 2012, up 90 percent from 65 million in 2011, with shipments projected to increase to 197 million in 2013, to 250 million in 2014, to 285 million in 2015 and to 311 million in 2016.

Google, Apple and Amazon have on-line products and advertising to move. This fall, $200-$300, quad-core LTE tablets may fall from the skies.

But video could make today’s cellular data costs spiral out of control.

A Google, Apple or Amazon subsidy on data plans, either through partial ownership of frequencies or through joint ventures, could be one solution. Google apparently was prepared to go that route five years ago. Perhaps the time has come.

Clearwire announced today that New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle will be among the 31 cities where the company will launch its TDD-LTE network during the first half of 2013. Initial market launches are scheduled for early 2013, with remaining markets planned for mid-2013.

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