FreedomPop: Now 500MB free/month

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FreedomPop now has their iPhone 4/4S case up for pre-order. FreedomPop’s $99 iPhone case promises free broadband. You can get up to 500 MB free every month using their mobile WiFi unit that uses a built-in WiMax radio.

FreedomPop leases spectrum on Clear’s WiMax network. The original plan was to offer 1GB of WiMax data access for free each month. But they have dropped their 1 GB free plan. Now it’s only 500MB/month.

If 500MB/month isn’t enough, TechCrunch says users will be able to earn more bandwidth using a social layer that FreedomPop is developing. Users will be able to connect with each other, and doing so nets them both of them an additional (unspecified) amount of usage — as high as 1GB.

Free is a pretty good price, even if 500 MB a month isn’t a lot. But remember, Clearwire is expected to turn off their WiMax network in a couple of years. Clearwire covers about 130 million people in the United States.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Thursday, May 10th, 2012 at 12:55 pm .

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