Google Multiplayer Gaming Coming Soon?

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Google is reportedly developing an app that is similar to Apple’s Game Center, reports Business Insider. Google is reportedly preparing a native Android app that will feature functionality similar to Apple’s iOS-only Game Center which connects players across the vast sea of games available through the iOS App Store. In mid-February, Apple extended the multiplayer network to its forthcoming Mac OS X Mountain Lion, bringing iOS social gaming to the desktop.

Google may revamp its Google Play payment system to streamline purchases. Google apparently is looking to offer developers an in-house alternative to third-party services like OpenFeint, which itself is used by many iOS game makers.

Apple’s Game Center has a new GameKit application programming interface that allows developers to integrate their App Store titles into a social network. Apple hopes that developers will make their titles compatible with Game Center to provide a centralized location with an integrated friend system, leaderboards, and unlockable achievements, says Apple Insider.

Google’s software will include a social “achievement” system, which gives people awards and trophies for doing certain things in games. It will also include a leaderboard which will rank players against their friends, says Business Insider.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Thursday, May 10th, 2012 at 10:12 am .

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