HTC: Olympic Torchbearer

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The torch for London’s 2012 Olympiad was lit in Greece today, heralding the start of the torch relay that will culminate with the opening ceremony on July 27. The first torchbearer was Greek swimmer and Olympic silver medalist, Spyros Gianniotis.

Among the many thousands of people that will get to relay the Olympic flame will be HTC boss Peter Chou, reports The Verge. The CEO and cofounder of Taipei’s most successful mobile company has been honored, in recognition for his contributions to the development of the global mobile industry.

Chou will run with the torch in London on July 6, three weeks before the Olympics opening ceremony in Stratford on July 27. He said, “every step I take will represent my deepest support for Taiwan’s athletes attending the London 2012 Olympic Games.”

HTC’s biggest competitor, of course, is South Korean-based Samsung, a major sponsor of the 2012 Olympics and has an Olympic Torch timeline.

The 2012 Summer Olympics begin in London on July 27, and once again NBC is getting ready to broadcast the games to America via television and the Web.

NBC is dispatching about 1,500 people to the U.K. who will be working in 65,000 square feet of space inside the International Broadcast Centre at the Olympic Park, plus various event and non-event venues in and around London.

All transmissions from the venues go through the broadcast compound before being transmitted to their final destination. At 275m long, 104m wide and 21m tall, the building is roughly the same size as two football fields end to end.

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