Mary Meeker: Internet Trends 2012

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Mary Meeker, a partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, delivered her annual Internet trends report at the D10 Conference Thursday.

She said we must re-imagine nearly everything about business, reports Forbes. That’s because:

  • Massive, Ongoing Technological Shifts: Transformative, behavioral shifts in technology adoption and connection. She said there are now 2.3 billion people globally connected by the Internet and 1.1 billion mobile 3G subscribers. Almost 30 percent of all US adults now own a tablet. Mobile is cited as source of 8% of all e-commerce.
  • Huge Market Opportunities (or Catastrophes) in Waiting. The addressable market cap for reinvention is pegged at $36 trillion. That’s the total market value of global public companies potentially disrupted by digitally-driven business models.
  • Changing Business and Societal Norms: Our lives are being fundamentally transformed by technology – including shopping, entertainment, education, job-hunting and banking. Meeker and her co-author Liang Wu emphasized the newness of all this, writing: “We are still in spring training.”
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