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Google is expected to have a flurry of news at its annual I/O developer conference. The opening keynote starts at 9:30 a.m. PT Wednesday.

Live coverage of is available at Google, C/Net, Engadget, and The Verge. The live YouTube stream is embedded below.

Google is expected to roll out Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and a a 7″ Nexus tablet (made by Asus) among other things.

Hugo Barra, Director of Product Management guided attendees through Android 4.1:

Last year they announced 100 million devices activated. This year 400 million Android devices.

“In Jelly Bean we also introduced triple buffering in the graphics pipeline… this allows the CPU and the GPU to run in parallel without waiting for each other.”

A refined keyboard is fully predictive, guessing your words.

“Voice typing” now it works offline. No more data connection necessary. The software is embedded in the OS.

Persian, Hindi and Thai are now supported by the OS as well, and there are some accessibility options coming as well. Blind users will now be able to use special

Android Beam can send photos after pairing over NFC and you can pair with speakers over NFC too. “It takes one second.”

The Gmail notification expands too, showing you highlights of each email that you’ve received without you having to go into the app.

The Voice recognition is similar to Siri:

“How tall is the Space Needle?” The answer. “604 feet tall”, was the spoken answer.

Google now can use your search history and navigation history and tell you what you need to know when you want to know it. If you’re at a train or bus station Google now will tell you when the next ride will appear.

20 billion app installs total. They’re introducing encrypted apps. Paid apps are encrypted with a device-specific key, to make them harder to rip and to share. Now there are smart app updates, incremental updates so that you won’t have to download a new APK every time.

Google play is getting more content. Disney, ABC, BNC, IFC Films, Paramount, Starz, Syfy and lots of partners. TV is coming. You can purchase episodes or entire seasons. 14 day free trials for magazine subscriptions.

Now the tablet.

“Today we’re introducing Nexus 7. It’s a beautiful 7-inch tablet. It’s built for Google play. It’s running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and here it is.”

1280 x 800 display with a Tegra 3 chipset, as expected. It’s $199.

Front-facing camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer. “Up to nine hours of video playback.”

Now they’re bringing up Shape magazine. This is an interactive magazine, so you can drag up on content to expand text and get breakouts for exercise routines by tapping around.

No word on ePub3 support

Also plays movies and videos on demand from the store.

“This is the first device that ships with Chrome as the standard browser.”

You can order the $199 tablet today and it’ll ship in mid-July.

Not done yet. The Nexus Q is “The first consumer electronics product Google has built from the ground up.”

The Q, is a ball with some glowy blue lights. It’s a small, Android-powered computer that’s designed to live in your home. It’s all about the cloud. “The idea here is that people can be inquisitive and play with it but also start using it immediately.”

It’s tightly integrated with the cloud, but controlled with your Android device. Content is pulled directly to the device from the cloud, though, not from your phone.

There’s dual-band WiFi and Ethernet, plus NFC and Bluetooth, optical and digital audio plus micro-HDMI outputs. It’s an OMAP 4460 processor, the Galaxy Nexus processor, with an “audiophile-grade amplifier” built-in. It delivers 25 watts of power on the audio front. Hook it up to your TV for over-the-top viewing or listening.

The Q is $299!

Now there’s a native tablet version of Google+, today. It’s out on Android today, coming to iOS “very soon.”

Google+ Events was introduced today. There’s “deep integration” with Google Calendar. Clicking on the calendar button lets you create an event, add details. “Over two dozen” animated themes for BBQs, engagement parties, weddings, etc.”

Wow! Google Glasses are being demoed live by jumping out of a blimp over Mascone!, wearing Google Glasses! They are getting live streaming video, pushed to the Google+ hangout!

Now they are jumping out of the blimp and landing on the roof on the building, then biking to the stage entrance, and now on stage. What an entrance!!! Unbelievable!!!

“I’m really personally really excited about Glass… There are all kinds of things this can capture and share.”

“The devices that we used were Google Glass prototypes and quite similar to what I’m wearing at the moment.”

Sergey: “I’m so jazzed that that bit actually worked… this presentation, I wasn’t actually expecting it to.”

It has a camera, processor and “a lot of memory to store information.”

Shipping early next year. $1,500! Available for pre-order right here at I/O, and only for those from the USA.


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