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ComputerWorld lists 11 mobile apps to enhance your travel experience. They suggest that you plan ahead and download apps with offline guides, maps and other databases beforehand. Then you may not even need an Internet connection.

  • Airport Transit Guide (iOS). Provides information on how to get from an airport to the city center for numerous airports around the world.
  • aMetro (Android, iOS). Download and view maps of public transit systems for 180 cities all over the world.
  • EveryTrail (Android, iOS). A GPS-enabled app that allows you to map your trip and share it.
  • FlightTrack (Android, iOS). Real-time updates of flights on a global map,
  • Fodor’s Mobile Apps for Travel (Android, iOS). Attractions are plotted on a map within the app with info to help you decide whether you want to go.
  • Goby (Android, iOS). An activity-driven search engine. With a single click, you can find a list of things to do near you or search by destination and travel dates.
  • Lonely Planet (Android, iOS). A popular guidebook among independent travelers
  • OffMaps 2 (Android, iOS). Offline maps for thousands of destinations, both in the U.S. and internationally. For $0.99, the app allows you to download two maps of your choice.
  • TripAdvisor (Android, iOS). Search for places to stay and eat, and find things to do, as well as filter results by category and see results plotted on a map.
  • TripIt Travel Organizer (Android, iOS). An organizing app that can turn your confirmation emails for flights, hotels or rental cars i
  • Wi-Fi Finder (Android, iOS). Search over 545,000 free and paid public Wi-Fi locations in 144 countries worldwide — and you don’t have to be online to do so.

Of course there are lots of other options. For example Google this week introduced off-line maps, allowing you to download maps so you don’t need a wireless connection. You’ll need Android 3.0 or higher . Compass mode for StreetView lets you to see an angled view of the area around you.

Window Seat tracks your flight without GPS or a network connection (using airline schedules). It shows you what’s below you while you’re offline. Airport Maps has gate maps that work with or without a data connection.

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