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A Toronto art project is inviting dozens of people to tell their secrets – and share them with the city’s thousands of subway riders, reports the CBC. Confessions Underground invited passers-by to record their embarrassing moments and guilty deeds in a street-level confessional booth.

Artist John Loerchner says the true confessions make a subway commute into more than a boring space of time between home and work. The art encourages riders to feel more engaged with their surroundings, he told CBC News.

“We kind of wanted to create a juxtaposition to that and really take the people out of that day-to-day humdrum commute and….and create something that’s emotional, something they can connect with,” Loerchner said.

Confessions Underground is a Labspace Studio project, produced by Art 4 Commuters and is being hosted by the Toronto Transit Commission. Previous Confessions Underground projects have run in Montreal, Chicago and Buffalo.

Breeze systems has video booth software available for Canon DSLRs in addition to their photo booth software. Video booth captures video clips complete with sound. It includes green screen shooting capability and optional touchscreen control including a touchscreen keyboard to allow users to enter details such as their email address.

The Nikon D3200 is a $699 24MP entry-level DSLR that can be used with an optional WU-1a Wi-Fi module ($59) which supports image upload and remote viewing/shutter release with a free app for Android phones. An iOS version of the app will follow later in the year.

Artists are using the internal sensors, location capabilities, connectivity and built-in cameras of smartphones to create new connections.

OpenStreetMaps is being used by Foursquare, Apple’s iPhoto and Wikipedia’s mobile apps. Microsoft is a huge patron of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. Instead of trying to build an in-house, proprietary competitor to Google Maps, Microsoft has decided to help fund and develop the open-source alternative.

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