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TeleGeography says $5.5 billion worth of new submarine cables will enter service during 2012 and 2013. Their latest submarine cable map shows the new fiber, along with analysis on capacity and prices along major routes.

TeleGeography says fifteen cables are tentatively slated to launch in 2012, followed by nine more in 2013. Estimates for total submarine cable construction costs in the next two years will reach $3.4 billion. Construction costs exclude the cost of subsequent capacity upgrades and maintenance.

The price can vary widely by route, says Telegeography. Levels of competition, degrees of market saturation, regulatory hurdles and deployment costs can all lead to drastically different pricing for the same capacity on different routes. The median monthly lease price of 10 Gbps wavelengths between Hong Kong and London, for example, is more than 15 times greater than comparable capacity between London and New York.

Since 2002, used international bandwidth capacity has increased more than 49-fold. Growth has been strongest on links to African, Latin American, and Middle Eastern countries, which experienced compound annual growth rates in excess of 70 percent between 2002 and 2011.

The first Submarine communications cables carried telegraphy traffic. The first attempt at laying a transatlantic telegraph cable was in 1858. However, it was plagued with problems from the outset, and was in operation for only a month. Subsequent attempts in 1865 and 1866 produced the first successful transatlantic cable.

With 4 Fiber Pairs and 100 waves x 100 Gbps each, a submarine cable can now deliver a combined 40 Terabits/second. The 40 Tbit/sec Emerald Express cable, connecting Europe to the US, is scheduled to be ready for service by Fall, 2013.

Journalist Andrew Blum investigates the Internet’s physical infrastructure in his new book, Tubes.

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