T-Mobile USA Encouraging 2G Phase Out

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T-Mobile is selecting residents of Los Angeles, Boston, New York City, DC, and Miami to take part in a pilot to cut the number of 2G devices on T-Mobile’s 1900MHz network, reports Tmo news. Beginning July 9th and running through July 30th, each of the markets will have different offers for customers with 2G devices to upgrade to a 3G/4G device.

The iPhone, which runs on 2G bands (PCS band) on T-Mobile’s network, does not qualify for this offer, since it doesn’t work on the 3G/HSPA (AWS band). Customers will be chosen based on high-call volume, usage at peak hours, and/or extreme issues with the network.

T-Mobile wants to get people off their 2G network, to free up space for HSPA+ and eventually LTE.

T-Mobile got AWS spectrum from AT&T after the failed merger, and is likely to add more AWS spectrum from Verizon, if (and when) Verizon’s purchase of AWS spectrum from cable operators goes through.

In each market, five thousand customers will be selected to receive a mailer notifying them of the offer and each 2G device on the account is eligible for the offer. Pending the results of this pilot test, a full launch may come in the Fall as T-Mobile works to move as many customers as possible off their 2G network to free up space for HSPA+.

LTE saves operators 75%, on a cost per bit basis, over 2G GSM networks.

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