Android Takes China

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Samsung, which is now the world’s largest mobile phone supplier, will become China’s largest mobile phone supplier in 2012, overtaking Nokia, according to Digitimes Research. It also predicts that smartphones will take almost a third of the handset market, and 70 percent of those will run Android.

Taiwan’s Digitimes predicts that handset sales will grow by 9 percent to 430 million units in 2012, compared with 390 million units in 2011. Almost a third of these — around 143 million units — will be smartphones. China is now the world’s largest phone market, and Digitimes expects it to account for 20 percent of global Apple iPhone shipments in 2012, or more if China Mobile starts selling the handset.

Although Samsung, from South Korea, and Apple, from the US, will be the market leaders in smartphones, Digitimes expects the four big China-based suppliers — Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo and Coolpad — to take the next four places. Including Nokia, the “top seven” will take 85 percent of the market. Five of the top six suppliers will be selling smartphones running Google’s Android operating system, which are expected to take 70 percent of the smartphone market.

Wireless Intelligence has collected a list of the world’s 20 largest mobile operators, ranked by the number of subscribers, reports Fierce Wireless.

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