Nvidia: Miracast for Wireless HD

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Nvidia on Thursday said it will incorporate the Miracast wireless display standard on its chips to beam content directly to high-definition TVs. Miracast (pdf) was announced this May by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The technology could reduce the need for HDMI cables.

Nvidia combines the Tegra 3 processor with a Wi-Fi chip and an Android software stack to enable Miracast. However, the TV also needs to have Miracast support at the hardware and software level to receive the signals.

Nvidia joins a number of Miracast standard supporters including Qualcomm and Texas Instruments, which sell ARM=based architecture. Nvidia’s support could give weight to the Miracast standard.

Intel offers the competing Wi-Di (Wireless Display) technology, which also uses Wi-Fi to transmit to TV sets. The Wi-Di technology has been criticized for latency which could increase lag time in mouse movement or games. Intel has said Wi-Di is improving, and the chip maker hopes to bring the technology to mobile devices.

There were over one billion Wi-Fi devices shipped in 2011, and ABI Research forecasts a more than 30 percent annual growth rate for consumer devices over the coming four years. In 2011, the Wi-Fi Alliance certified almost 1,500 digital home and mobile devices.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Friday, July 27th, 2012 at 7:16 am .

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