Australia’s Telstra Expands LTE Coverage

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Telstra has said that it plans to more than double its LTE coverage for services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, spending some $500 million to expand its 4G coverage to two-thirds of the population within 10 months.

Telstra launched LTE commercially in September last year, Telstra says it aims to offer LTE across all capital cities over the course of the next ten months.

Telstra and its rivals Optus and Vodafone Hutchison Australia are all investing billions in 4G rollout. Optus started operating its LTE services in Newcastle in March and only recently expanded to Sydney and Perth. Vodafone is planning to offer 4G service next year (pdf).

Telstra says it currently offers coverage in more than 100 metropolitan and regional locations across the nation. Under the network expansion plans it says more than 1,000 new LTE base stations will be installed by mid-2013, by which date it expects to cover 66% of the population, up from the 40% it currently reports.

‘Once the network expansion is complete Telstra 4G coverage will stretch out in a 10-15 kilometre radius from the Sydney General Post Office (GPO) and a 15-20 kilometre radius from the Melbourne GPO. Telstra has also confirmed that more than 340,000 of its LTE mobile broadband devices are currently in use, while some 160,000 LTE-enabled smartphones are also active on its network.

Over the past two years Telstra has added about 3.2 million mobile customers and built its wireless broadband customer base to about 3.1 million, or a market share in the 60 per cent-plus range.

Telstra has been involved in the various form of ideas for a National Broadband Network. In its current form, Telstra intends to essentially sell its legacy copper network to NBN Co.

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