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RadioShack and Cricket Communications, a wholly-owned subsidiary of prepaid wireless provider Leap Wireless, announced today the launch of RadioShack No-Contract Wireless powered by Cricket. The line of no-contract phones will be available to mobile customers at RadioShack stores nationwide beginning tomorrow.

The RadioShack No-Contract Wireless phones include both smartphones and feature phones. Two phones – the Huawei Mercury Ice and the Huawei Pillar – are available in-store starting this week, with two additional phones expected to be available by the end of September.

The Huawei Mercury Ice, available tomorrow, is exclusive to RadioShack for the next 30 days. At $149.99, the Android 2.3 phone is powered by a 1.4 GHz processor, has a 4-inch display, an 8MP camera. It features only 3G connectivity, using EV-DO.

The Huawei Mercury Ice includes Muve Music in the $50 a month unlimited data plan, with unlimited song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones. The phone comes bundled with an 8GB SanDisk memory card, which can store up to 6,000 songs.

The Huawei Pillar is a $39.99 feature phone with a service plans that start at only $25 a month. The Pillar is a compact device with a full QWERTY keyboard and mobile Web access to keep consumers connected while on the go. And with the phone’s built-in camera, consumers can snap and share pics of where they are and what they’re doing anytime.

Available on all RadioShack No-Contract Wireless smartphones is Cricket’s Muve Music, the only music service designed specifically for mobile phones. Muve Music offers unlimited full song downloads from a catalog of millions of songs – all included in the wireless plan at no additional cost. The unique music service features fast downloads and high-quality audio for listening to your favorite music on your no-contract smartphone.

Feature phone plans start at $25 a month for 300 minutes plus unlimited messaging and Web access. For customers looking to increase their voice minutes, the $35 a month service plan offers 1,000 minutes plus unlimited messaging and Web access.

Smartphone plans start at $50 a month and include unlimited data (1GB at full-speed), unlimited minutes and domestic text messaging plus unlimited music with Muve Music. For users needing even more data flexibility, a second service plan offers unlimited data (2.5GB at full-speed), with unlimited minutes and international text messaging plus unlimited music with Muve Music, for $60 a month.

Leap has approximately 7 million wireless subscribers using CDMA 1X and 1xEV-DO networks across parts of 34 states. It purchased spectrum at the AWS auction giving them coverage of an estimated 110 million potential customers. Leap Wireless, headquartered in San Diego, is the seventh largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States.

Today, T-Mobile and Walmart announced the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II as a no annual contract option. The Galaxy S II will cost $299.00 when paired with a T-Mobile Monthly4G no annual contract plan of $30 per month or higher. The Monthly4G $30 per month plan offers unlimited Web, with the first 5 GB at up to 4G speeds; unlimited text; and 100 minutes of talk, with 10 cents per minute after the first 100 minutes.

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