Mobile Device Predictions for 2027

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By 2027, mobile devices will sport all-digital radios and Gbit/second cellular modems powered by 16-core apps processors running at 5 GHz, predicts Broadcom’s co-founder and chief technologist Henry Samueli. Samueli won the 2012 Marconi Society Prize for his work in chip designs that led to the cable modem.

“The biggest issue we all worry about is the end of Moore’s Law,” Samueli said. “I think we have a reasonable runway to get below 10 nm and that will carry us another 10-20 years, then someone along the line will need to invent something new and engineers just do that,” he said.

Henry Samueli spends most of his time these days fostering a culture of collaborative engineering at the company that now employs more than 11,000 people. At the technical level that involves “creating common [SoC] methodologies and design flows to make it easy for people to share technology across the company,” he said.

“We have proprietary databases where all our IP is checked in and logged, standards are adhered to and all the documentation needed to use it is available along with people available to answer questions,” he said. “We view that as a proprietary advantage,” he added.

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