Urban Airship Targets Location

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Urban Airship is now putting its Simple Geo acquisition to work with a new Location Messaging Service that lets developers incorporate current and historical location data to better target in-app push notifications, says Venture Beat.

Urban Airship is the most globally deployed push messaging service, delivering billions of messages per month with unparalleled speed and scale for leading brands such as CBS Interactive, ESPN, Groupon, shopkick, Viddy, Walgreens and Warner Bros.

Now, instead of just relying on user in-app behavior and stated preferences to target messages, developers of apps with location data can now look at where a user has been, in the last-minute or the last year. By combining both place and behavior data, advertisers can create more targeted messages, says GigaOm

Urban Airship has created 2.5 million unique geo-fences — everything from time zones and cities to neighborhoods or venues. Advertisers can send different messages to people in the same area.

At the London Olympics, Urban Airship send more than 10 million location-based push messages to people in the stadium and other Olympic venues, including ceremony photos, spectator surveys and information.

Nearly 60% of app users had location-sharing enabled and location-based pushes achieved clickthrough rates of around 60%, according to Urban Airship.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Monday, October 1st, 2012 at 9:58 am .

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