Streetview Enabled for Mobile Browsers

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As of today, Google’s Map application isn’t the only way to get Streetview on mobile devices. Street View is now enabled on mobile browsers. Google Maps runs on iOS devices, Android, and many other devices.

To use Street View on your mobile browser simply go to and search for a location. Tap on the person icon that appears in the lower right corner. If the location is Street View-enabled, a separate tab opens in your browser with the familiar Street View panorama.

Transit, driving, biking and walking directions continue to be available on your mobile browser to help you help guide you to your destination.

Nokia Has Better Maps Than Apple and Maybe Even Google, says The Atlantic.

Google has spent literally tens of thousands of person-hours creating its maps. I argued that no other company could beat Google at this game. People pointed out that while Google’s driven 5 million miles in Street View cars, UPS drives 3.3 billion miles a year. Whoever had access to these other datasets might be in the mapping (cough) driver’s seat.

Well, it turns out that Nokia is the company that receives the GPS data from both FedEx and UPS, the company’s senior VP of Location Content, Cliff Fox, told me.

“We get over 12 billion probe data points per month coming into the organization,” Fox said from his office in Chicago. “We get probe data not only from commercial vehicles like FedEx and UPS trucks, but we also get it from consumers through navigation applications.”

Posted by Sam Churchill on Thursday, October 4th, 2012 at 8:35 am .

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