Clearwire Screws Up Email Billing

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WiMax broadband provider Clearwire said an email problem caused it to send out numerous messages about subscribers’ account status in error on Friday.

Various emails told subscribers that they had to update their payment details, that their service had ended and they could restore it with another payment, or that Clearwire couldn’t process their latest payment.

The problem was caused by an error in Clearwire’s email system and did not affect users’ accounts or their broadband service, Clearwire said. .

“Current and past CLEAR customers may have received one or more inadvertent emails stating that CLEAR could not process a credit/debit card payment and/or that they needed to make a payment in order to reinstate their CLEAR internet service. Nearly all of these emails were sent in error, and we sincerely apologize for any confusion and inconvenience that this may have caused,” Clearwire said in a statement.

Two fiber cuts to Sprint’s wireless network affected Pacific Northwesterners on Monday.
All services were restored by late afternoon on Monday, according to Sprint.

The first cut happened late Sunday night, tied to work at a railroad involving non-Sprint employees. A second cut happened at 9 a.m. Monday, somewhere between Tacoma, Wash., and Portland, Ore., disrupting voice and data services for customers between Northern California, parts of Oregon and parts of Washington.

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