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It’s time for a publishing incubator say’s O’Reilly’s Travis Alber.

Technology incubators, such as the Portland Incubator Experiment accept applications from startups. The startups typically get between $20,000 – $100,000 (in exchange for around 5% equity), along with three months of office space, mentors, a chance to demo for investors, and a lot of help. PIE is a partnership between technology innovators and Wieden+Kennedy β€” the world’s largest largest privately held advertising agency

Industry-specific incubators are common. There are four healthcare incubators in NYC alone, churning out fresh startups and new technology multiple times a year. ImagineK12 is one of many education-focused incubators – with a group of startups that has raised $10M post-graduation. Turner Broadcasting launched an incubator in NYC called Media Camp.

Transformation in the publishing industry will be profound — just like the music and video industry.

HTML5 is revolutionizing the Web, and it’s coming to ebooks via ePub 3. Publishing is simply the ability to turn a compelling idea into money. The tools are available for everyone.

Every city has hundreds of publishing and printing businesses. In Portland, printing and publishing startups include Independent Publishing Resource Center, Digital Bindery, eNetPress, BookBaby,, Ooligan Press, , Tinhouse, Storiestotell, Dill Pickle Club as well as traditional publishers like the Oregon Historical Society and booksellers like Powells and others.

There are now one billion smartphones. Enough said.

HTML5 is a part of the new EPUB-3 standard and publishers will be able to take full advantage of HTML5’s rich feature set. Here are some examples for HTML5 for Publishers. Design once, publish anywhere.

The NY Times – 1 in 8 Million does SoundSlides. Embedded audio and video, using HTML-5 with social networking, are red hot. Cheap tablets with ePub-3 software will ignite content and ad sales.

Magazines? Dead. Newspapers? Dead. Direct Mail? Dead. Television and Cable? Dead and dying. It calls for heroic measures by a band of outlaws and discontents.

Publishing Incubators are just the people to do it.

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