Walmart Cuts Prices on Prepaid Hotspots

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Walmart cut the price on its 3G mobile hotspot from $120 to $79 and lowered the price of prepaid data cards. Walmart’s mobile hotspot, a re-labeled Novatel MiFi, uses Sprint’s 3G network (but with no LTE).

Walmart’s $79 MiFi hotspot can share WiFi for up to five devices.

Walmart also offers at least two pre-paid data cards that can be used with the mobile hotspot. Significantly, any unused data can be rolled over for up to a year.

Walmart also offers a 1.5 GB refill card for $25. It won’t expire until you use the entire 1.5 GB.

Walmart’s $45 refill cards, which used to provide 1 GB of usage, now offers users 4 GB of usage for the same money. Best of all, unlike other prepaid data plans, any unused data can be rolled over, and used in the next month.

Choice of plans:

  • Go Big Plan, Never Expires 4 GB
  • Go Bigger 30-day Expire, 8GB
  • Only at Walmart

Walmart’s $115 4G Mobile MiFi Hotspot uses T-Mobile’s faster HSPA network. The T-Mobile $35 Prepaid Mobile Broadband Pass, though Walmart, offers 3.5GB of data usage and is good for 60 days.

Verizon and AT&T’s data plans for tablets include 2GB/$30 (3GB/$30 on AT&T), 5GB/$50 and on Verizon, 10GB/$80 packages. No WiFi hotspots.

Sprint’s iPad and iPad mini plans cost 300MB/$14.99, 3GB/$34.99, 6GB/$49.99, or 12GB for $79.99. There are also $10 and $15 offers for customers that also have Sprint smartphones that offer 100MB and 1GB of data, respectively, and activation fees for all 3G/4G tablets are being waived for a limited time.

Several new business models offer “free” or low-cost wireless broadband:

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