Alvarion Demos WiFi-based Products

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Alvarion held a live demonstration of its dual radio BreezeULTRA, a point-to-point platform that provides 500 Mbps throughput.

The dual radio BreezeULTRA is based on 802.11n technology and takes advantage of 802.11ac channel combining techniques providing a high capacity 500 Mbps throughput per link and greater reliability. The channel combining technique (20+20 MHz and 40+40 MHz) allows the dual radio to be configured to use two frequency bands transmitting simultaneously, optimizing available bandwidth and achieving maximum throughput.

A unique auto failover and recovery safeguard feature embedded within a single link ensures greater system availability as traffic is automatically switched over to the second frequency if experiencing interference. The BreezeULTRA, while operating in dual radio mode, demonstrated link rates of up to 450 Mbps between two servers with an asymmetrical split between downlink and uplink.

In addition to the live demonstration of the dual radio BreezeULTRA, participants had the opportunity to view live demonstrations of the WBSn, a carrier-grade Wi-Fi 802.11n solution for outdoor and indoor environments; and the BreezeCOMPACT, a zero-footprint high performance WiMAX base station, implementing Alvarion’s advanced SDR technology that is software upgradable to TD-LTE Advanced. Approximately 100 people attended Alvarion’s Partner Event from 20 countries, representing Alvarion’s global distributor reach.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 at 6:51 am .

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