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Reviews of Apple’s iPad Mini are in. The concensus: it’s nice, but expensive compared to the $199 Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD.

iPad Mini reviews are available at C/Net, Engadget, The Verge, NY Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal

iPad Mini spects show weight half that of the big iPad (0.7 pounds versus 1.4), and it’s thinner, and narrower (5.3 inches), although still large for small hands. Apple kept the screen shape and resolution the same as on the iPad 2 (1,024 by 768 pixels). As a result, the Mini can run all 275,000 existing iPad apps unmodified, plus 500,000 more iPhone apps.

Prices start at $330 for the base model (16 gigabytes of storage, Wi-Fi connections) and run all the way up to $660 for four times the storage and a cellular connection.

By comparison, the $199 7″ Nexus 7 has a higher-definition screen (1,280 by 800 pixels), runs Google Maps, and may fit smaller hands better.

Apple’s iPad Mini may significantly cannibalize sales of the company’s full-sized iPad, with up to half of customers opting for the smaller tablet, at least one analyst argued today. Most experts have estimated the iPad Mini’s cannibalization rate at between 10% and 20%, but Sameer Singh of Tech-Thought came up with 50% after pulling sales data from the recent Apple-Samsung patent infringement court case.

Sales of Google’s Nexus 7, are closing in on 1 million units a month, says Taiwanese maker Asustek. That number still pales in comparison to Apple’s third-quarter sales of 14 million iPads. A total of 25 million tablets were sold globally in the third quarter, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

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