Open Wireless Movement Encouraged

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation and nine other groups today are advancing the Open Wireless Movement to encourage open sharing of Internet access.

The Open Wireless Movement website, provides FAQs and how-to tips for users, small businesses, ISPs and developers.

“We envision a world where sharing one’s Internet connection is the norm,” said EFF Activist Adi Kamdar, in a press release.  “A world of open wireless would encourage privacy, promote innovation, and benefit the public good, giving us network access whenever we need it.  And everyone – users, businesses, developers, and Internet service providers – can get involved to help make it happen.”

Here’s how the Open Wireless Movement addresses security and legal concerns on its site:

 Is opening my network a security risk?

Websites and services that take security seriously use transport layer encryption-most notably Transport Layer Security (TLS), which underlies HTTPS. Using transport layer encryption is the gold standard for security. Since it encrypts data between your computer and the web service you are using, TLS provides a strong level of communication security whether or not you are on an open wireless network. It protects against snooping and attacks from anyone who can read the traffic passing between your computer and the website you are visiting, such as ISPs and governments as well as people on your local wireless network.

In addition to EFF, the Open Wireless Movement coalition includes: Fight for the Future, Free Press, Internet Archive, NYCwireless, the Open Garden Foundation, OpenITP, the Open Spectrum Alliance, the Open Technology Institute, and the Personal Telco Project.

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