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Anand Tech’s Anand Lal Shimpi tours the Titan Supercomputer at Oak Ridge. Titan is the fastest computer in the world, at over 20 petaflops, although the official 500 fastest computers tally sheet won’t be released until SuperComputer 2012, in Salt Lake City later this month.

Titan has 299,000 AMD x86 Cores and 18,600 NVIDIA GPUs in 200 cabinets. Each of the Cray XK7 boards has four AMD G34 sockets and four PCIe slots. Reusing the power and cooling systems already in place for Jaguar saved the lab approximately US $20 million. Titan draws 9 MW, 2 MW more than Jaguar did, but it is almost ten times as fast in terms of floating point calculations.

According to Oak Ridge’s announcement, Titan is 10 times more powerful than its predecessor, Jaguar. Jaguar was the world’s fastest computer in the November 2009 and June 2010, according to the TOP500 list.

In October 2010, the Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-1A took over the top spot. In June 2011 the Tianhe-1A was overtaken by the Japanese the K computer as the world’s fastest with a performance of 8.162 petaflops. In June 2012, the IBM Sequoia replaced the K computer as the world’s fastest, with a LINPACK performance of 16.32 petaflops.

The latest TOP500 list will be revealed at the SC12 conference in Salt Lake City from November 10-16, 2012.

The hottest ticket at the show would surely be a tour of NSA’s Camp Williams Facility.

The data complex, to be completed in Utah in 2013, may take American citizens into a completely new reality where their emails, phone calls, online shopping lists and virtually entire lives will be stored and reviewed, say critics.

The center’s electrical substation delivers some 65-megawatts.

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