Election 2012 Coverage

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News organizations are innovating with election coverage, says Poynter.

Facebook and Foursquare both have real-time maps of polling place check-ins across the country, broken down by state. Blue dots show a polling place check-in, while a counter above tallies the total check-ins.

Foursquare’s live map shows check-ins by state, although it doesn’t run automatically the way Facebook’s map does, but it can be embedded.

PBS “Newshour” has a similar labs project called Look I Voted. NPR has a Swing State Scorecard which lets you see the effect of a candidate winning swing states.

Twitter is creating a heavily filtered Election 2012 hashtag page and a political engagement map that shows what tweets and keywords are resonating in each state. Fox News will be Twitter’s exclusive media partner today.

NBC News’ Electiongrams website aggregates and neatly maps all the Instagram photos related to voting. The new HuffPost Live video channel has a live stream. Newspaper companies like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Denver Post and Chicago Tribune are also planning live video broadcasts streaming on their websites all night.

C/Net reviews the best election day apps.

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