Miracast: Taking Over

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Miracast, the Wi-Fi Alliance’s video streaming protocol, looks poised to gain support from major industry players like Sony, Samsung, and LG in the coming months, says The Verge. Apple’s AirPlay Mirroring, which shows exactly what’s on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad on a television was broadly used on television election coverage last night.

But AirPlay is a priority standard that’s likely to be supplanted by Miracast, a standardized, cross-platform video streaming protocol.

Google has embraced the technology with its latest Nexus devices and now recently-filed certifications show a number of yet-to-be-announced products that will put the squeeze on Apple’s Airplay. Samsung, which uses Mircast in the SIII smartphone, will be incorporating Miracast directly into at least one of its upcoming TVs and dongles will bring Miracast support to existing sets.

Both Sony and LG will produce Miracast-enabled products, and may have a significant showing at CES.

CNN’s “magic wall,” was developed into Perceptive Pixel’s 82-inch touch screens, utilized by other networks this year. Perceptive Pixel’s Election App provides an additional layer of storytelling through the integration of their Touchcast app.

Consumers in the United States are deepening their love affair with media tablets, according to the latest data from the Consumer Electronics Association.

The CEA’s “Consumer Outlook on Tablets: Q4 2012” report reveals 31 percent of online U.S. consumers owned tablets as of September, more than double the 14 percent level registered in October 2011.

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