Windows Phone 8: Available Today

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Windows Phone 8 smartphones are debuting first at the nation’s two largest wireless network operators, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Both AT&T and Verizon are selling several different models.

AT&T is selling the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and HTC Windows Phone 8X at AT&T store locations.

Verizon will carry the Nokia Lumia 822, a CDMA version of the 820 model, while the Windows Phone 8X by HTC will be available by Thanksgiving for $199.99, the same price as AT&T. The Samsung ATIV Odyssey, will be “available by the end of the year” on Verizon.

T-Mobile will have two Windows Phone 8 devices – the Nokia Lumia 810 and the Windows Phone 8X by HTC – which launch next week. Sprint is sitting Windows Phone 8 out for the moment.

In Windows Phone 8, tiles are more customizable making it possible to put more things on your screen. The mapping system is bundled with this operating system, using Nokia’s mapping solution, with 3D street views and traffic updates. It even includes Google Wallet and is capable of employing NFC hardware on the phone to make your smartphone your credit card as well.

At 120,000 titles, Microsoft’s Windows Phone App Store offers nowhere near the largest selection compared with Android and iOS. Even so, that’s nothing to shake a stick at, says C/Net

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