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ViaSat has introduced a new product called Exede Newsgathering. It’s the first product using their new Ka band satellite which offers almost ten times the capacity of earlier satellites.

Television stations WLS in Chicago and KTRK in Houston have successfully completed alpha-phase field testing of Exede Newsgathering service from ViaSat. According to ViaSat, Exede Newsgathering terminals “can either be vehicle-mounted or transported in a luggage-sized carrying case” and will be capable of HDTV quality uploads and downloads.

ViaSat’s SurfBeam 2 Pro Portable mobile satellite transceiver uses ViaSat-1. At $20,000, the go-anywhere satellite broadband rig isn’t for everyone. But it could be a life saver for first responders and mobile news units that would otherwise have to pay much more for less bandwidth.

Satellite-based internet access was revolutionized this year with the availability of High Throughput Satellites, including ViaSat-1 from ViaSat with its high-capacity Exede broadband service and by Hughes (Echostar) which launched their Jupiter-1 and Gen4 broadband service. Both offer satellite broadband that is dramatically cheaper and faster than previous generations.

Initially these 2-way broadband services were aimed solely at the “traditional” home and small office broadband market. ViaSat’s broadband service called Exede, has one-time set-up fee of $149.99 and $9.99/month equipment lease fee, plus the monthly service fees and taxes, which range from $50-$129/month.

Both ViaSat-1 and EchoStar XVII should make satellite broadband access more competitive with 4G wireless and provide broadband access where DSL or Cable Modems aren’t available. It also lowers the cost of remote broadband for applications like SNG and emergency response.

Previous satellites had extremely restrictive download caps since their transponder capacity was limited. While the new high throughput satellites still have download caps, prices and speeds are now more competitive with 700 MHz LTE services, such as those offered by AT&T and Verizon.

ViaSat Exede uses ViaSat-1, which supplements earlier satellite broadband by their previous satellite, WildBlue-1. ViaSat resellers included DISH Network, AT&T and the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC).

Echostar XVII, also known as Jupiter-1, was launched by Arianespace, on 5 July 2012. It will augment the SPACEWAY 3 satellite system, which Hughes put into commercial service in April 2008. HughesNet Gen4 uses the new EchoStar XVII satellite with Jupiter high-throughput technology.

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